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November 2010

I just heard about your "rifle holster" system but, quite honestly, the website is confusing. I think my greatest need for your
product comes when I'm hiking with a pack and trying to keep my rifle or shotgun slung over the pack straps. A constant
nuisance as the gun sling tries to slide off my shoulder. Your system looks ideal.

My confusion is, I can't tell what items I need to order to have the option of securing the rifle in front of my chest. Your video
shows a couple ways to clip the rifle to the pack strap.

Yes, the holster may be used in three primary positions. Rear carry, side carry & front carry. The holster simply attaches to a belt or packs waiststrap. The rear carry does not require the "universal backpack attachment", the side carry and front carry will require the strap. The "Ultimate Hunter's Set" will include everything needed for all situations. $50 for the set.

Second question... I am hunting either with my Tikka rifle or my shotgun. Does your rigid 'holster' piece (the part worn on the
belt) fit most firearms or most these be ordered to fit specific stock sizes?

The holster will fit any rifle or shotgun with a "pistol grip" style stock. The holster is designed to be adjusted to a specific curvature in order to custom fit your various stock sizes and shapes. One holster should fit all of your rifles and shotguns.


Dear Gunslinger Corral,

Wanted to tell you folks how much my friend and I are enjoying our rifle holsters. So much better than the flopping and swinging shoulder hold method.

Thanks for developing this product.

P. Shalen


Dear Gunslinger Corral,

I just wanted to thank you the rifle holster I just purchased this month. My brother and his friend also brought one. We all used the holster this past week hunting in Missouri, and I could not believe how well It worked. Our hunt involves a lot of walking to get to our tree stands and it was great not to hand carry my rifle. I also liked having the option of multiple positions to carry my rifle and still be able to release the rifle for a quick shot at a deer. That's again, your product is awesome!

P.T. Fleming.


Dear Gunslinger Corral,

I am a legally blind hunter and experience a few more difficulties negotiating the woods than most hunters. In my right hand I carry a shooting stick (which also functions as my cane to ward off obstacles) and I hold my hunting partner's right arm with my left hand. In the past I've wished for a third to continually adjust my rifle sling or backpack. Your "Gunslinger" eliminated that problem and elevated my hunting experience to a level which I never thaught possible.

On a recent turkey hunting trip, I used the "Gunslinger" for the first time. If you will pardon the cliche, it is the best thing since sliced bread. With the "Gunslinger" properly adjusted, I traversed Texas rocks, oak and mesquite thickets, and cactus, with never a problem carrying my shotgun. Even in thick brush, where I had to bend low at the waist, my shotgun rode perfectly and never dropped off my shoulder. I cannot say this for previous hunts. I was forced to constantly stop and readjust my sling to keep my gun from sliding off my shoulder. NOT this Time!

I cannot wait for the fall deer season to try it again, knowing I can move with much less movement and commotion. I'll never go hunting again without my "Gunslinger".

Thank You for a wonderful Product!

S. McGowan - Texas Hunter




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05/11/05 - May 11, 2005

Can't help it, Jazz and myself are heading to Charlotte next week to see some racing. We have tickets to most every kind of racing taking place at or near Lowe's motor speedway that weekend. We'll be heading to D.C. for a few day's mid-week, returning to Charlotte for the Jani king Southern Shootout, the Busch race and the 600. I'm sure we will see some great racing and will be surrounded by some great folk. I look forward to sabotaging Jeff Gordon's car -in the name of Palo, having a few beers with Dale Jr -what he's been doing lately, while waiting for the last 10 races, and giving Matt Kenseth some strong "mountain man" coffee -to wake him up.

05/10/05 - May 10, 2005

Hunting, fishing, camping and enjoying the outdoors is a family affair. The value of learning and enjoying nature is a part of life that needs to be maintained, nurtured and preserved. The inherent things your children will pick up on will be all positive and almost essential for healthy living. You do not necessarily need to have a plan to start with. Just go to the lake, go to the mountain or stream, you will find somthing that will suit you....

05/9/05 - May 9, 2005

Bamboo Bicycle

Brano Meres, a Slov' bike enthusiast, recently designed an absolutely cool bicycle frame out of bamboo. All of the main supports are of this unique material. It seems that the connections on the frame are steel but very well done. We're sure that it would not hold up on the trail but it sure looks cool and real handy at the beach. -Well Done Brano, Details

05/8/05 - May 8, 2005

Charlotte, NC

Looking forward to returning to Charlotte, North Carolina for a visit. I went there in the spring of '99 or '00 and was very impressed. I had traveled to many places but Charlotte welcome's with open arms. The support that kids have regarding their schooling & their sports was much different than here in the west, and easily noticed. I was amazed at the attendance of a local school ball game, 10 times the excitement of what I'm used to. People of all ages were mingling and having fun -getting to know one another. I witnessed families and neighbors enjoying a summer evening, together. The people were not on "edge" in North Carolina. They seemed to have figured out a basic element in society that makes for a considerably positive atmosphere to live. Not that I would ever move from my home in Oregon - I am a webfoot through and through. I just think we (oregonians) could learn a little something from the premium folks in Dixie.

05/7/05 - May 7, 2005

Well, I haven't seen many kids fishing the lower McKenzie river still. Come to think of it, a person just doesn't see many kids fishing the river anymore. When I was a kid, you couldn't get me away from it. I have, however, seen a couple kids fishing a drainage pond behind a trailer park the other day. If it would have been legal, I'd have let them fish the river behind my house -better yet, take them fishing..


04/19/05 - April 19th 2005

McKenzie River Fishing; When was the last time anyone has seen a couple of kids riding their bikes down the road with their fishing poles strapped to their handlebars? Has anyone noticed that our youth can no longer be found browsing around the fishing section at the local Bi mart, dreaming of opening day of fishing season? You can bet our local youth can be found glued to the video game assaulting a bunker somewhere in make believe Iraq or otherwise. Are video games really Healthy? We all know the answer. Would you believe that a small club of greedy "old farts" are keeping the youth from fishing on the lower Mckenzie River? The McKenzie valley offer's some of the best fishing in Oregon. Why would anyone want to restrict the fishing instead of promote it? It's great wholesome entertainment for people of any age, It's Free and helps make a person a little more aware of his or her environment. -Kind of strange that the guy's who propose these crazy regulations are all members of a Fly Fishing Organizations and wish all other types of fishing to cease...go figure. Bonneville power has spent millions to fight the northern squaw fish. What happens if there is no fishing for bottom feeding (maybe the old farts at the marine board are related?) variety? The current population of game fish vs. "trash fish" is obscene. No kids can be seen fishing on the McKenzie or the Willamette rivers in the summertime, Only old bastards fly fishing in their 20k boats. If you think fly fishing can manage a stream, you are wrong. If you are an adult that feels offended in the presence of children, You have something wrong with you and should seek counseling.

Welcome to Oregon, Where everything you Do is Revenue!

02/03/05 - Feb 3rd 2005

Sneaky Fish Police; In some states game official's have to write enough tickets in order to pay their salary. They have been known to create a situation, even baiting to get the job done. Two young men from Oregon were aware of the trail used by a sneaky game cop. Thet wanted to get a funny video of the cop "sneaking" through the weeds & briars, commencing his notorious "belly crawl" pursuit of unaware fisher's.. One of the young men acted as though he was fishing illegally in a known salmon hole (had No line or hook) while the other set up the video camera on the apparent stalking trail of the cop. Needless to say, the game cop that was sneaking in was unaware that he was set up. Just as planned the cop rolls in, hits the trail and commenced, what appeared to be "the sneak". To the cameraman's unexpected surprise, this game cop didn't go directly to the bait but stepped off the trail for an unexpected "one handed gratification".....(That dude is on the job! I can understand a paid coffee break but..) He then proceeded up the trail to write up the local fisher. The unfortunate camera guy lost interest in the master plan of some innocent humor and didn't quite know how to absorb what had just happened. The cop ended up writing the bait a ticket for fishing illegally (wondering where the hell his buddy was), while the camera operator held his unfortunate position (most likely face in hands and in shock) The ticket held firm, even though he didn't even have line on his pole or a hook. The judge said that it was irrelevant due to the fact that he had a fishing pole and was in a restricted area. The video tape was later sent to the Sheriff's office for evaluation due to the fact that it was filmed on public property and the officer was on the job. I think the cop should also be fined for using his pole illegally.....we'll keep you posted on this one

12/28/2004 - Dec 28th 2004


 Politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians -Charles De Gaulle
01/17/04 -Jan 17th 2004

Department of Fish & Wildlife; I realize that our Country's fish & wildlife is trying to keep itself in funding but does anyone realize that sportsman are becoming an endangered species? The fish & wildlife department in Oregon is almost totally comprised of people who are not sportsman. xxxx xxxx was the president of Oregon hunter's safety. This guy stepped off the boat from the UK with his tea and crumpets and gleefully took his position as the head. WTF, this guy is better suited for QC at toddy Intl. not anything to do with american firearm safety. If anyone is wondering, americans are the authority in shooting, firearms, and sportsmanship. This tradition should be nurtured, maintained and grown. Take a kid hunting and fishing, keep the laws simple and easy. Keep America!

Oregon Cop call.. "ya hoo! were having fun" - They'll come a running with their ticket book in hand!



Thanks to all of our Gunslinger friend's. You have helped support us through the early days and have given us the power to proceed with our mission of being the "world's premier rifle & shotgun transport solution". We are counting on you to help show the world's hunter's what it really means to be a GUNSLINGER!

Here at the gunslinger corral we cant get enough of your hunting and fishing stories so if you have a story about that big salmon or just a kids first fish send it to us and let us share you story with the rest of or fans we have seen some really big deer and elk but were waiting on and good story about an antelope or a big horn sheep we know there out there so send then in to contactus