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on opening day of elk season,we were at the  hunting cabin, rifle safety, gun safety, hands free rifle shotgun, shoulder fatigue, elk camp, remington 700, .243 bolt action, carry's a rifle

Have you ever seen a rifle holster?

by Bridger Nebraska

That's the question I was asked opening day of elk season by a bright eyed 15 year old girl on her very first hunt. You ever seen a rifle holster? Sure, I replied. They have them for horses, quads and such, but they don't make sense for a hunter hunting -too bulky, can't get at your gun out quickly I boldly described. The little girl looked bewildered and smiled. Show him, her father (my nephew) said. This sweet, young, innocent girl excitedly whirled around and pointed to the small of her back to which she her remington 700 .243 bolt action (didn't even realize she was wearing a rifle), and what I was instructed by the girl, -a rifle holster. The girl then, bounced up and down like a maniac, got down on her hands and knee's, gesturing as she were putting the sneak on an elk. I was dumbfounded, I had to take some time in order to even absorb what I had just witnessed. I simply replied, that look's pretty slick but how are you going too get.... I was goin g to ask.... how are you going to get to your rifle? but she knew what I was going to say and had her rifle out before I could finish.

elk season, hunting cabin, rifle safety, gun safety, hands free rifle shotgun, shoulder fatigue, elk camp, remington 700, .243 bolt action, carry's a rifle

Ok, Alright, I Give! Uncle! I Don't Know Everything and I have definitely not seen everything! I had previously believed that I had seen all the shooting industry had to offer. I felt as if I were the last of an old breed of sourdoughs. I now felt like I had been hit by a ton of bricks, it made perfect sense. It was so simple. Looked to me like this girl had total control of her rifle. She was able to move freely and her gun was secured into what she referred to as " the holster". She explained that the weight of the rifle was being transferred to the hip and lower back and her rifle sling was merely for barrel control. Now i've been carrying a rifle from 10-30 solid days a year for the last 48 years and I have yet to figure out how to handle a rifle as effectively as my niece demonstrated at camp. We all suffer from shoulder fatigue & It is difficult to carry a rifle in rough terrain. Why wouldn't a rifle holster make sense?

I had to try this "rifle holster" for myself. The first thing I had noticed is that it took me a little time to figure out how to use it -new things can be a little difficult for an old dog. Second was that the rifle holster did indeed transfer all the weight of the rifle to the back and hips. Third thing I noticed was the stability of my rifle, my rifle felt like it was an extension of my body. I could actually not worry about my gun so much, it was secure. I could jump off logs, hop streams and climb up obstacles without the fear of my rifle slipping or falling off my shoulder. I cannot believe how many hunts that I have been on without an item like this. Never thought I'd learn the best hunting secret from a little girl.

As soon as I returned home from elk camp, I contacted the guy's at the Gunslinger Corral and ordered myself a rifle holster. When the package finally arrived, I quickly grabbed my gear and began familiarizing myself with how it worked best and how it's going to help me. I found out that the rifle holster works with shotgun's, with or without a backpack and can be used on the rear, the side or a front carry. This last season I was finally able to put my new found freedom to the test. I had practiced at home but now was actually in the "sticks" -off I went. I am writing to thank the Gunslinger Corral for designing such a wonderful product and to tell everyone who carry's a rifle that this so called rifle holster has changed my hunt completely! It did everything the manufacturer claimed and more. I found myself going into places after game that I had never considered going before. Climbing, crawling and traversing varying terrain is not nearly as difficult now with my hands free. Thank's for showing an old dog a new trick! Thank's Gunslinger!

-Bridger Nebraska, Old dog with new trick's

elk season, hunting cabin, rifle safety, gun safety, hands free rifle shotgun, shoulder fatigue, elk camp, remington 700, .243 bolt action, carry's a rifle