If you are a deer hunter elk hunter bear hunter the gunslinger rifle holster and shotgun holsters,are one of the best buys in the hunting market, rifle holsters made buy gunslinger are 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed made in the USA for all hunters and fishing sports


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  backpacking is simple with the gun slinger it gives you hands fee mobility and quick access to your firearm carry your rifle when fishing

Gunslinger Gallery 2

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Shotgun Holster backpack holster rifle holsters,ducks,shotgun,game shooting,elk,bear, AR HolsterHunting on Bicycle

Congratulations! Svalbard Expedition

Back Pack Shotgun Holster

Nice Blacktail Buck Willie. Next time, bring more bullets. AR Long Gun holster

Since some of the best hunting area is closed to motor vehicles....

Hike with a Bike

Svalbard expedition -although they had no trouble with Polar Bear. Nice buck willie. Bad boys wacha gonna do? Nice day for a bike ride with the browning!

Rifle HolsterGun CarrierBackpack Gun Carry Spotting Scope Gun Carrier

Whoa, whew, yikes...What's a holster worth?

Look Ma, No Hands! Holster is mounted to side, . -nice bull elk!

Hmmm, I know where you live sucka!

Fuel $20, ammo $25, having your cheap camera ready prior to your hunting buddy's swim class..Priceless! Wild Tower sets up his backpack attachment before heading back to the truck. Could be a Bear..Is there a draw for bigfoot tags?

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