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Compact Rifle Holster ONLY 50 Bucks



Gunslinger Rifle Sling

If you spend time with a rifle or shotgun, you won't believe the comfort and security of the Gunslinger CorralTM. compact rifle & shotgun holster.

Hands Free Hunting Holster works with Your rifle sling

Since 1999 "The World's Most Effective Rifle Carry Tool" 100% Guaranteed!


Make your Rifle Sling Work! ONLY 50 BUCKS!

"The Gunslinger is right at home in the roughest country!"

4 Star Rating - at the Peak - The Hunting Trail


"Your Rifle can be a chore to carry, and that's where the Gunslinger rifle holster comes in."

Gear of the Year! .Outdoor Canada


Field Tested - Guide Recommended! "Every Hunter should have one for Safety's sake.."

-Western Hunter Magazine

100% Tough!
100% Guaranteed!




Simply the Most Secure - Hands Free Method to Carry Your Rifle or Shotgun!

Fully Adjustable - Fits Most Rifles & Shotguns - Quick Access!



We Ship World Wide


U.S. Patent Number 5,564,610 -other Patents Pending


Best Hunting Products

Rifle Holster

"Put your hand's together for New Frontier Products, they just made your hunt a whole lot easier! "

Guns & Gear Magazine


"The rifle holster gives me the ability to hunt dangerous game with a bow and black powder in total safety. My rifle is always handy and ready for access.."

Lloyd Weigle Professional Hunter


"The Bottom Line - This Item Performs as advertised And certainly helps reduce shoulder fatigue from carrying a rifle with a sling. "

Russ Chastain - Hunting/Shooting

"Modern Technologies with Pioneer Spirit"

For Any Situation - This is what you're looking for..

Simply choose Right or Left handed - Black, Camo or Hunter's Safety Orange

Ultimate Rifle Carry System

The Ultimate Sportsman Set ....................... Best Seller / Best Value.... Fits most Rifles & Shotguns - !00% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Set Includes, ........................................."A MUST HAVE for Any Hunter " - Mark Miller, Gunslinger Corral

The Gunslinger Corral's famous Rifle/Shotgun Holster, the Quick Adjust Rifle Belt & the Universal Backpack Attachment. Holsters available in Black, Camouflage or Orange. *Left Handed models available in Black only. *Belt is 65 inch cut to size. *Standard Rifle holster fits belts up to 2 inches wide. It's 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed & it will change your hunt..

item # HP65 $75.05 USD............ ..(BUY NOW) .............Made In the USA



It's Real Simple

If you have any question regarding whether any of the products we sell are for you, Just Try It!

It's 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Take any of our products, use them, beat em up! If you are not satisfied for any reason, send them back for a full refund less S&H. We can only recommend that all Shooter's learn about the latest innovations regarding rifle carry and transport. A hands on field trial is the only way to fully understand our unique designs.

Try ANY of Our Products!

As we claim, our systems are superior to any other systems offered to the public or otherwise -and we gladly back it up. Our Patented technologies are proven by Sportsmen and Shooters throughout the world. All Materials and production items are purchased and assembled completely in the United States. You can count on the fact that all of the Products we make and sell are of highest quality. And at an affordable price.

If you decide to try one of our products and don't like them for any reason, send em back for a refund!

"There is Nothing that Handles a Rifle or Shotgun Like the Gunslinger Corral, compact rifle holster!"


Bought this item in mid August and had my first field test of it yesterday. It passed with flying colours. I love it. Hiked over 10 miles with pack and shotgun and not once, did I have any aggravation with it. I won't lie to you: it is not perfect. I had to make occassional adjustments -- tightening up the rifle sling etc. -- but overall, this is simply one of the best pieces of field kit that I have come across. I use a Bison Gear Lost River Pack for my day hunts. The pack has a waist belt with pockets and this meant that I had to make some modifications to the pack in order to get the gunslinger holster to fit. I would be happy to send along some photos to show you what I did. I am sure that I am not the only fellow who uses a pack with pockets on the hip and/or with a hipbelt that does not accommodate the your product. Let me know.

Now to my question: I ordered a second holster set about a week ago but have not received any confirmation of the order. Maybe it got lost in the electronic fog. Before I re-order, I just want to confirm that my second order did not go through.

Many thanks for a great product. This has made carrying my shotgun a joy.

Robert Eno

Thank's Robert.

The Gunslinger Corral Team


ORDER YOURS TODAY! Simply the Most effective method to carry your firearm and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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If you are looking for Professional Solutions for Transporting Your Rifle or Shotgun, rifle slings, and shotgun slings you're are at the right place! Specializing in personal Rifle/Shotgun Transport, our goal is to provide both the Sportsman and the Professional the world's most Innovative and Practical Solutions for Rifle and Shotgun Carry. Feel Free to take a tour of our web site and learn about the Ultimate Rifle Transport experience, take a look at some of this year's Bear,Deer and fishing photos Hunting and fishing Photo's or maybe just learn a bit about the outdoors.

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backpacking is simple with the gun slinger it gives you hands fee mobility and quick access to your firearmbackpacking is simple with the gun slinger it gives you hands fee mobility and quick access to your firearm

Here at gunslinger we hope we can help hunters and fishing sportsmen learn about hunting and fishing and with the help of our members we will keep trying to improve our knowledge of Hunting and the sport of fishing!