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  backpacking is simple with the gun slinger it gives you hands fee mobility and quick access to your firearm carry your rifle when fishing



May 2005 - We're heading to Charlotte, NC If anyone would like to meet with an expert, we'll have a representative there until the end of the month. (NC,VA & PA)

*Make sure you check out the new website. We've added a message board and a few new things worth checking out.

April 2005 - FISH-ON! - Good Luck Everyone, - take a Kid fishing -

Mar 2005 - Get your boat motor out, check your engine. Put a new coat of paint on the boat - it's almost fishing season.

Feb 2005 - Ouch! My leg hurts. I had surgury on my knee (ACL) and It ain't nearly fun... -no bouncing around for me!

Jan 2005 - Sorry Everyone, we won't be seeing you at any of the Pacific Northwest Sportsman's Outdoor shows this year. We are currently changing our retail packaging for all of our products and will not be ready for the show season. We are happy to say that our website is currently being updated to include some interactive pages as well as some of the kick ass new products for 2005

Dec 2004 - Happy Holiday's

Nov 2004 - SANTA CLAUS is COMING! check out our X-Mas Specials!

Nov 2004 - Check Out the Hunting' Cabin for some great photos and hunting stories!

Oct 2004 - Lets see the photo's, we'll be posting our latest soon gallery

Sept 2004 - Hey Pierre, our eastern friend -we're waiting for the latest Griz' story!

Aug 2004 - Article Get Ready For Hunting Season

May 2004 - Press Release Safety Orange! Lookout for our new color

Mar 2004 - Thanks to all of our friends who visited the International Sportsman's Expo

Jan 2004 - Press Release Gunslinger Corral introduces the "Pro Series Guide Belt"