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backpacking is simple with the gun slinger it gives you hands fee mobility and quick access to your firearm carry your rifle when fishing

Gunslinger Corral Quick Adjust Belt

Gunslinger Corral - Quick Adjust Belt


-64 inches buckle to tip (cut to size)

-2" High Grade Nylon/Poly Webbing

-Quick Adjust Cam Buckle

-Belt Keeper & 2 Belt stops included

-Color Black

Setting Up Your Belt

The "belt" comes pre-cut at 64 inches. You will have to trim excess in most cases. When cutting excess belting remember to leave enough length to get around the exterior of your foul weather gear and to easily grab with a glove in cold conditions.

The "buckle" is similar to a *scuba diver's weight belt buckle. It is designed for a very smooth and quick adjustment. The buckle is designed for right hand release. Try to remember when donning your belt, to keep the buckle end in your left hand so "gearing up" on a cold morning will be smoother.

The "Belt Stops" (2 tri-glides) are included for stabilizing belt mounted systems or accessories. If you have an item that tends to slide on your belt, you add these to either side of your item and they will hold it steady (specifically designed for the GC rifle/shotgun holsters).

What Makes This Belt so different?

As you will find with all of the products we sell.. Simplicity,Economy & Utility are the three main standards we live by. When in the field no matter if your a professional or sportsman, energy and comfort is a major factor in regards to a successful trip. A accessory belt is a necessity for all shooters, even if you have the coolest of packs. For a rifleman, ammunition, a knife, flashlight, water, side-arm ect. need to be quickly accessible. A good belt can also be used as a well needed tool such as for a tourniquet or when you may need a strap for hauling out big game.

With that said; Traditional leather belts look great But, Hides are inconsistent having natural weak points, stretching or breaking in wet conditions, and usually has limited adjust ability. Our web belts are second to none in quality and durability. You can submerge them in sea water or pull out your Ford pickup with one of these. You can tighten it clear to the buckle if desired while most belts are limited. Some belts break down when gear is added, our belt is built for the job. When it comes to adjust ability, most belts must be removed from the waist or completely loosened to adjust. Our Belt is a zip to loosen, tighten or remove (*see Scuba Expert). Whether you want a quality belt for your new rifle holster or just want a good hunting belt, you will find no equal. Trail Trail Guaranteed!