If you are a deer hunter elk hunter bear hunter the gunslinger rifle holster and shotgun holsters,are one of the best buys in the hunting market, rifle holsters made buy gunslinger are 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed made in the USA for all hunters and fishing sports


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  backpacking is simple with the gun slinger it gives you hands fee mobility and quick access to your firearm carry your rifle when fishing

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Field Tested And Approved
by Western Hunter Magazine

At The Peak!

Every Hunter should have one for safety's sake! --Steve Hunter, Western Hunter Magazine.

"Safety is almost a non-issue with use of this product as the barrel is always pointing up and the trigger is guarded by your back"-- Guns and Gear Magazine

"It helps to prevent shoulder fatigue and allows quick and easy access. I used the Gunslinger Corral on a recent hunt and was really pleased by the way it held my rifle and allowed me to keep my hands free." --Gary Howey, Outdoor Columnist

"It feels natural and second nature, every shooter should have one on their belt."--Brett Gesh, Alaskan Bite Finders

"The Gunslinger could ease the burden of packing a muzzleloader around just as it does for my bolt action rifle. It's a clever and impressive hunting devise."-
-Outdoor Observations by Dick Hess

4 STAR Rating at the Hunting Trail

"I have found this rifle holster to be lighter and more convenient than all 8 different accessories that I already have in carrying a rifle. It is important for me to carry a rifle at all times when I hunt with a bow, blackpowder and fish. I hunt South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Canada and the States. Many times I have encountered dangerous game that I needed a rifle to protect myself.
This is why I feel this new rifle holster gives me the ability to hunt dangerous game with bow or black powder in total safety since it is very comfortable and fast to use." -- L. Weigle,Professional Hunter

From the Barrel

Ever Hear of a Rifle Holster? by Bridger Nebraska click here to read

-Most of my life, I have been waiting for this moment.. The hunt of a lifetime.It's been hundred's of hours & lots of blood, sweat and tears, but I finally feel comfortable and confident in my abilities as a hunter. The only limitations that I face are with my equipment and my stamina. I try too stay "in shape" and purchase the best equipment possible to ensure a quality hunting experience. The rest is up to me -a little luck and my skill. -Milt Trudeau-

-I want to thank the maker's of the "rifle holster" for giving my dad & I more years of hunting together. Brad, Ohio

-The rifle holster has changed my hunting world. Not only does it take the weight from my shoulder, but it secures my rifle. No more sling slipping off my shoulder, giving me both hands free. Clint, Nebraska

-I've tried the rifle holster and must say that I was extremely happy to finally find a cure. Thomas, Washington

-I locked the safety strap securing my rifle into the holster, right away I had noticed that I had both hands free. I couldn't believe it..No weight on my shoulder and both hands free! Neal, Colorado

-It wasn't how dad showed me to carry a rifle. It's how I showed dad to carry a rifle! Milt, Oregon

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