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Shooters Education

Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Courses Available in your area!

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Key Benefits

  • Learn the basics of Firearm Operation and Safety.
  • Gain skills in cleaning and the maintenance of a firearm.
  • Have a Great time Shooting!


We have several of these courses available.  Don't worry about being too far away, we have "On Line" courses available or we can set you up with a Gunslinger Corral certified instructor near you.  We have associates throughout the United States and in over 15 other Countries.

Capability 1
On Line Training courses for home study
Capability 2
Classroom Courses certifying Hunters Safety
Capability 3
"Hands on" Courses at the range


This study is for relevant persons to competently carry, handle, shoot and maintain a rifle through the application of knowledge of the relevant legislation and skills in the safe and responsible handling of a rifle.

This unit standard includes the requirements to gain the appropriate licence for the possession and/or carrying of rifles both private and for business purposes.

Benefit for society of this unit standard is that the person who completes this will contribute to safety in society.

A person credited with this will be able to:

  • Understand the relevant legislation required for the lawful possession and use of a rifle
  • Handle a rifle safely
  • Operate, use and maintain a rifle
  • Shoot a rifle competently.

Standard safe handling procedures:

  • Safe handling rules & Safety procedures/drills.
  • Loading & unloading
  • Rifle retention

Specific tactical manner and in bags/containers:

  • Types of bags/containers
  • Company policy/operational procedures
  • Rifle conditions of readiness
  • Rifle sling use
  • Rifle carry methods

Operational safely:

  • Range safety
  • Personal safety
  • Public safety
  • Threat identification & analysis:
  • Conditions of readiness
  • Mental conditions
  • Mindset
  • Immediate surroundings
  • Alertness
  • Stress awareness
  • Pre-emption & pre-visualisation

Manufacturers guidelines/operational procedures:

  • Specific rifle (manufacturers) operating manual
  • Names, parts & function of rifle
  • Basic internal, external and terminal ballistics
  • Components and functioning of rifle ammunition
  • Disassembling and assembling of rifle
  • Charge & emptying of magazine/chamber
  • Loading & unloading (range & operational)

Firearm Maintenance:

  • Cleaning of rifle
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Care of rifle
  • Care of ammunition

Visible faults:

  • Fail to feed
  • Fail to chamber
  • Fail to fire
  • Fail to extract
  • Fail to eject
  • Fail to cycle

Malfunctions and immediate action drills:

  • Firearm misfires
  • Abuse
  • Mechanical malfunction
  • User malfunction
  • Clearing of malfunction (range & operational)

Accurately must:

  • Accurate up to a minimum of 100 meters distance using all stances and light conditions.

Shooting range procedures:

  • Range rules & safety
  • Range commands
  • Safety equipment

Rifle fired competently:

  • Shooting fundamentals
  • Fault analysis
  • Low light shooting
  • Cover (barricades) & concealment

Such similarities is evident in outcomes such as the application of knowledge and understanding of the relevant legislation required for the lawful possession and use of a shotgun/handgun/hand machine carbine/rifle and in the assessment criteria: demonstrate and apply knowledge of safe handling of a shotgun/handgun/hand machine carbine/rifle in accordance with standard safe handling procedures of specific outcome: handle rifles safely.

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